Thursday, February 15, 2007

Busy Bee!

Today I'm on the couch with my laptop on my lap, reading and writing. I'm alternating between reading about structuralism, writing about Alice Walker's short story Everyday Use, and I'm about to begin to write another paper on The Great Gatsby and An American Tragedy. At the same time I'm preparing everything for going to NYC early Saturday morning. This has been a busy week as well.

Yesterday I was at the university the whole day. My colleague Maria and I are planning a new course, "Digital Cultures," which will begin on March 19 and is a part of the LCDM program. It promises to be a really fun course. With help from Professor Jay Bolter from Georgia Tech, who luckily enough happens to be in Karlskrona at that point in time, we start out by talking about Web 2.0 in general, then diving into blogs, moving on to online worlds (Second Life, The Sims), "folksonomies" (such as Flickr, Friendster, MySpace etc), digital literature/poetry, movies like the Matrix trilogy and literature (in this case Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash), and ending with mobile stuff.

Tomorrow I'll be writing a bit more, then I'm going to Jönköping with my two sons. They will be at their father's over the "sports" holiday, which starts on Monday. At 5 am Saturday morning I'll be on my way to Copenhagen airport, travelling at first by bus and then by train. At lunchtime I'll be in the air hopefully, arriving at Newark at 3.15 pm local time.

I just realised what I'd like to do in New York: A very interesting exhibition on Second Life at Postmasters gallery and another one "close to home" (since Hunter College is where I'm going), Lines of Flight.

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