Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Back in Sweden

After a thirty hour journey (Atlanta - Newark - Birmingham - Copenhagen - Karlskrona), with a number of delays I'm finally home. With no luggage (my suitcase didn't arrive at the airport in Copenhagen), and freezing without my winter jacket, I took the train, a bus and finally a taxi.

Within half an hour I was asleep and remained in that state for almost twelve hours. When I woke up I wrote a nine-page paper "Critique of The American Dream in The Great Gatsby and An American Tragedy". In the late afternoon, my parents and my sons arrived, and it was really good to see them. I took a few hours off before I had to continue writing.

Yesterday morning I was supposed to fly to two seminars in Uppsala, but it was really foggy and the plane arriving from Arlanda wasn't able to land at Ronneby airport. The alternatives I had to choose between was being booked on another flight at 4 pm or going by bus to Stockholm, a 6-7 hour journey. I decided to stay and work in Karlskrona, preparing for the class I'm currently teaching. We're looking at blogs and css at the moment.

So there has been a few busy days... Hopefully it will get a bit less busy now. Today is Leo's birthday and I'm looking forward to cake (I'm sure he is too!), and tomorrow I'll have lunch with my colleague Maria. We're going to discuss my trip to the U.S. of course. I'll post more things about that later on.


Robert Sharl said...

I'm glad you're safely back home Maria; it all sounds like a bit of a trial. I hope we can catch up soon. This week has been a bit pressured, as I've had to reconstruct several hundred student grade sheets following the big MacBook crash of January 07..

Happy Birthday Leo! It's a birthday month here too with my mother, brother, and Chun In (visiting UK from HK) all in the first 13 days of March.

Mia said...

Oh poor you!! I hope you'll be able to manage! Thanks for being there Saturday morning though. You never know where delays etc might lead...

Leo is a happy 9-year-old as of yesterday and I'm about to go get him at school now. A happy birthday to all the people at your end as well then :)