Friday, December 01, 2006

We Have Our Keynote!

I'm happy to announce that Pathfinder Linden (John Lester, community and education manager at Linden Lab in San Fransisco) will come to Karlskrona for the League of Worlds 4 conference in October 2007. While now devoting his time to develop the Linden Lab creation Second Life as a platform for teaching and academic research, he has:

"a background in the fields of healthcare and education. Previously I was the Information Technology Director in the Neurology Service at Massachusetts General Hospital, where I pioneered the use of the web in 1993 to create online communities for supporting patients dealing with neurological disorders. I also held an academic appointment at Harvard Medical School, where I created online collaborative environments for professors and students to advance the case-based teaching method in medical education. While I was at Massachusetts General Hospital, I created and continue to manage BrainTalk Communities, an organization who's mission is to provide online environments for patient and caregiver self-help groups focused on neurological disorders" (

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