Friday, November 24, 2006

Problems with My Internet Access

Ever since Saturday morning, when Second Life froze on me at 9:24, I've had trouble connecting to the Internet from home on my MacBook. I couldn't connect to the Internet from my sons' iBooks either, so I had no access during the weekend. I disconnected my AirPort Express to see if that changed anything and used the tp cable directly, but it didn't work either. None of the computers, my MacBook or my two iBooks, had Internet access.

On Monday I talked to the Internet provider and we got the access going through the tp cable, but unfortunately it was gone again the next day. I could and can still hook up to the Internet on the iBooks though, even though my AirPort Express doesn't seem to work. But it's still not possible on the MacBook. At work the very same MacBook works perfectly though - wireless and Ethernet.

Talking to the Internet provider again today, they suggested that I needed to restart the Ethernet card. There seems to be a problem with the IP address, which right now starts with 169. Not good. Not sure how to do it though...

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