Monday, November 13, 2006

In the Middle of a Dreamweaver Session

...with the LCDM first year students. Some of them are already very good at html and creating web sites, to others this is entirely new. It will nevertheless be exciting to see the end result when I meet them for the last time in next week. The assignment is pretty simple: "Next time you're supposed to be able to upload your own website on the ftp consisting of three internal pages, which should be linked together through internal links. Please add images and external link(s) as well. You should also be able to change the typography."

The plagiarism case is now being investigated by the program director and we'll see how that turns out. All I know is that the student will be my responsibility again sooner or later. It always works like that.

Otherwise I'm gathering information for a budget proposal for the League of Worlds 4 here in Karlskrona; conference room, dinner, lunches, technical support etc.


Robert Sharl said...

They have how long to complete this task? :-D

Mia said...

A whole week... :D

Robert Sharl said...

Wow. I've developed a 1 day workshop (more of an extended morning now) for my web publishing module which assumes no prior knowledge of html but has the students fixing errors in web code on a real site, in teams. They complete a workbook documenting their changes and we mark them on that. 30 minutes briefing, including a 10 minute html crash course. Technician and tutor supports for a few hours as they work through the site, and a 15 minute closing "here are the answers" slot. Very simple to run, and the feedback is excellent.