Sunday, November 05, 2006

I'm Back Home

And it took forever! We arrived two and a half hours late in Frankfurt (at lunchtime Saturday) and I missed my connecting flight to Copenhagen by 10 min. I took the one at 5.05 pm though, hoping that I would be able to catch the train to Karlskrona at 6.56, but again, I missed it by 10 min. Unfortunately that was the last train Saturday evening, and I ended up staying at Hilton Copenhagen Airport last night. (Ok. The deal wasn't that bad...) :) Hopefully, US Airlines will pay for it.

Today I took the train to Karlskrona, quickly left my suitcase at home and then headed north to pick up my children in Jönköping (440 km roundtrip/approximately 270 miles). We came back here at 7.30. (And it felt SO good to see Marc and Leo again!!!) :)

Right now I'm busy preparing for the next two days. Two seminars tomorrow (Monday) and two courses starting on Tuesday...


Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Sorry to hear about your travel woes, but glad you made it back.

Mia said...

Thanks, Bryan... Good to talk to you yesterday.