Saturday, October 21, 2006

GABLE and other things

The paper is done. I received comments from my supervisor Danuta Fjellestad yesterday and it doesn't seem to be that much more work to do. In a way I am surprised, because the paper turned out to have a far more literary angle than I thought it would, something that was pointed out to me both by Danuta and my colleague Maria Engberg. So I took it from there, foregrounding it even further.

Yesterday, the GABLE group (Graduate Advisory Board for Literatures in English) had a meeting here in Karlskrona. Usually there should be only one representative from each university/university college in Sweden, and since Maria is the representative from Blekinge Institute of Technology, I shouldn't have been there really. However, since the meeting took place here in Karlskrona, and since Maria will be finishing her dissertation in less than a year from now, I will be succeeding her eventually and it was good to get a glimpse of what I will work with later on. Additionally, it was really good to meet everyone: Van Leavenworth from Umeå, Claes Lindskog from Lund (whom I hadn't met before), Rosario Acosta Peyrot from Linköping, Róisín Keys from Gothenburg, Ulrica Skagert from Stockholm, and Frida Beckman from Uppsala. The meeting was productive and gave interesting insights into what it's like to be a PhD candidate in different places in Sweden. Five of us then met up at a restaurant in the evening and we continued our talks in a less formal environment.

I should have gone to bed early last night, but I got caught up in a long Yahoo chat that was too engaging and important to cut short. By 2.30 am I was asleep...

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