Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Definitions: Communities & Culture

A group of individuals with common interests, an interacting population of various kinds. Communities are self-conscious, based on a conscious, active choice, a feeling of belonging and shared experiences. Active, constructive, collaborative, contextual, intentional.

Culture is the product/residue of a community. Community is intentional, culture is not.


Robert Sharl said...

A very interesting programme was on Radio 4 last night (Sunday) in the religious slot, talking about the communities that were created through the Benedictine Order and in monasteries, and how this relates to community in general. I'll try to record it off the "Listen Again" player.

Mia said...

Thanks, Robert! That sounds interesting. Please tell me if you succeed!

Robert Sharl said...

The programme is here:


I haven't grabbed it yet but I'll try later.

Mia said...