Monday, October 09, 2006

A Busy Day

Today I've been jumping from one thing to another. The day began with a meeting with colleagues in Australia at 8 am, when we discussed Second Life and its possibilites from an educational point of view. The next thing on my list was to arrange things around me changing my last name (new credit cards, flight bonus card, a new driver's licence, passport etc). Then I began preparing for the lecture tomorrow in Academic Writing, when the students are supposed to work with outlines and topic sentences, which brought me to my next topic: my own paper for the League of Worlds in Boone in a few weeks. I have thought about it for months, and I have begun writing it, but I will have to finish in the next few days, since I'm going to have a dry run next Tuesday. To be honest I haven't written an outline for it though, but for the benefit of both my students and myself I did so today. (Yes, I know I should have done that before.) Then I went to get a new photo taken for the new driver's licence. (Why do you always look absolutely horrible on those?). Next on the list was grocery shopping, and then I picked up my son at school.

I'm at home now. The children will be in bed soon. Second Life is down due to a spam incident, but I really need the grid to be open soon again since I need material I have in there for writing my paper. It has been a few attacks on Second Life lately. Sad, but perhaps predictable. It has grown from around 70.000 residents when I joined in a year ago to almost 900.000 today.

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