Monday, October 30, 2006

Afternoon Presentations

Steve Bronack starts out by showing us their teaching space in Active Worlds, with all the possibilities it offers: chat, links to rss-feeds and html-pages, tutorials etc, but also the social aspect of online education. The Active Worlds Appalachian State University is the place the students feel is their place from day one of their education. Where are we really when we work in these spaces?

Greg Jones is working on 3D online learning environments and game development, and talks about student interest in the courses. Meeting IRL increases the probability that they will finish the course.

Mark Riedl focuses on emergent and guided narrative in online educational environments, which increases motivation and provides illustration. Stories "manage the interactive experience of the trainee" and scaffolds the students experience.

Do I make sense, Roberto?


Anonymous said...

always, you are a very sensible woman

Mia said...

Thank you! You would know of course... :)