Saturday, September 02, 2006

Education in SL

Even though Harvard begun just recently, there has actually been teaching going on in Second Life for some time. There is a group in there that is called "Real Life Education in Second Life," another is "The Learning Society," but I'm sure there are many more.

Even though we do not belong to any of those groups, Roni Linser at Fablusi in Melbourne, Owen Kelly and Camie Lindeberg at Arcada Polytechnic in Helsinki and myself have been a part of a support group for a GippsTAFE project in SL. Since July GippsTAFE have had several groups of students in SL and the focus of their studies have varied depending on the aims of the different courses. One of the groups (design students) have focussed on how to address clients, negotiate deals or discussing design solutions, whereas another group has developed a tourist resort where they take on different roles. As of three days ago, GippsTAFE has its own island, GippsTAFE in SL, and I'm going to meet one of the groups there on Monday morning between 3 and 6 am (my time) to see if they have "passed the test." Hopefully I'm able to wake up... ;)

But we've had other projects in SL with other groups of students. Already at the end of November and early December 2005, we began working with a group of multimedia students at Arcada Polytechnic in the Marinetta project. They have their own island too - Rosario. They were primarily learning how to build and script in SL, and it was fun to see how they handled the online environment. Some of them certainly became immersed and more or less lived in SL 24-7. And they had a lot of fun learning...

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