Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Last Day of "Space, Haunting, Discourse"

I've been back in Karlstad a few days now, busy working with the conference. I had my presentation yesterday, in which I looked at how female authors create space with the aid of ICT. Earlier the same day professor Bryan Alexander had held his keynote lecture on haunted/gothic spaces in networked environments. It was REALLY interesting...

Additionally, in the same panel where I presented my paper, Johan Höglund talked about computer game narratives, especially war games that merge reality and fiction. The third presenter, Owen Kelly, compared the reactions to emerging online worlds/virtual space to the reactions in the 14th century to emerging literary (ficticious) narrative such as Chaucer. He argued that the similarities are striking. For different reasons both Chaucer and people in online worlds sometimes use fiction to address issues that would have been difficult or dangerous to talk about otherwise. Owen pointed out that literary narrative often reflects upon or mirrors human interaction or human behaviour, and this is what identity formation and interaction in online worlds also tend to do.

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