Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tying Up All Loose Ends...

...at Karlstad university. It's the end of term and yesterday and today I have received most of the papers and essays I was hoping to receive before I leave on Sunday for the summer school in Karlskrona. A seminar is scheduled for Thursday morning and most of the work has to be done by then. Then there are the essays written by my "Text, Media, and Culture" students. All of this has to be graded before I leave. There are also (what seems like thousands of) texts I have to read for the summer school, but hopefully I'll have time to read a few things when I'm there. The paper for the conference is almost finished, but not entirely.

But for the time being my focus is on admission procedures for the autumn - two students from Bangladesh who want to be admitted to a few of our courses... And then I'd better get back to reading the papers. (It feels as if I just wrote a to-do list.)

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