Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Right now my office at Karlstad university is being emptied. All my books are in boxes and I will bring as many of them with me as possible when I go to Karlskrona this weekend.

Last Friday I got back from Karlskrona. I had a wonderful few days there, where I attended seminars and meetings at work, but I also had the time to explore the city, find an apartment for us in the city centre and arrange for a new school for my children.

The reason why we're going to Karlskrona, 460 kilometres away, on Saturday is simply that my two boys haven't seen the city yet and are very eager to see everything — their new school and where we are going to live.

There are not that many weeks left here in Karlstad now. On June 4th I'll be on my way back to Karlskrona again for the summer school. On June 15-18 I'll be at the Space, Haunting, Discourse conference in Karlstad. Then I'll have a few weeks to pack everything and move. The apartment in Karlskrona is ours as of July 1st. Busy weeks ahead...

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