Monday, April 10, 2006

In "My" Office at Georgia Tech

This feels a bit childish perhaps, but I have to admit that I rather enjoy saying that I'm in my office here at Georgia Tech. So far I've spent the day with Jay. We have talked about my ideas around my thesis, and he has introduced me to people who might be interesting for me to talk to. Meetings and classes are being scheduled and it feels like the beginning of a productive and inspiring week.

The weather in Atlanta is warm and sunny (just like a perfect summer day in Sweden) - which can be contrasted to information I received about heavy snowfall back home. The Gatech campus is beautiful. The dogwood trees and the azaleas are in bloom. Both Jay and his wife Chris have been amazing and I really enjoyed meeting their friends at a dinner last night. Sue's lasagna was delicious!

In other words: life is pretty good right now! :)

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