Friday, February 10, 2006

Everything Starts To Move

I arrived in Karlskrona on Monday afternoon in the middle of the worst snowstorm they've had in years. The landing was bumpy but we arrived safely. Then I didn't have any money for the bus fare because there are no ATMs at Ronneby Airport. I was lucky enough to be bailed out by my new colleagues on arrival in Karlskrona, though. When I arrived at the hotel there was no reservation, and when I received a room and opened the door to it there was already a man in there, standing in the shower. (And no, I didn't see him — and I'm positive he didn't notice me!) But from then on things improved. :)

I received a room of my own eventually. Vicky, Cilla, Åse and I went out to dinner and talked and talked. It was so good to see them again. When I came back to the hotel I had a good night's sleep, before I met Jay Bolter at breakfast and we took the bus to Blekinge Institute of Technology. The day was filled with a number of productive meetings, and it has been decided that I will take part in planning of some of the courses that will run in the autumn. This feels really good, since I will be able to do things that are very much in line with what I'm interested in. Additionally it has been decided that I will go to Georgia Tech in Atlanta for a week in mid April. I've just talked to the travel agency... :)

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