Wednesday, January 18, 2006


The last few months have been busy, both in terms of my work and my private life - the end of term, a book has been published, a car accident, illness in the family etc. Some of it I'd rather not experience again ever. Nevertheless, 2006 has started out quite good...

Since October we've continued to work a lot in Second Life, the large and rapidly growing virtual world created by Linden Lab. Much to my surprise, it has been a very interesting experience. It's more versatile and engaging than I ever thought possible. Being "there" raises so many questions about location and space, about the nature of virtuality, about identity and identity formation, about culture on and off screen and many, many other things. What is this world? Is it an onscreen play where people invent avatars and play different roles or is it a medium through which real world people meet? Is SL a part of real life or is it "a game" where real world rules don't apply?

It's an ongoing process of discovery, learning, analysis and perhaps also self-analysis, since I'm sometimes horrified, moved, shaken, but also delighted by what I experience in SL... In short, I'm hooked. :)

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