Sunday, January 29, 2006

I've been admitted... the doctoral programme in English literature at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola in Karlskrona! And I'm really happy about it!

This means that I, in the next few years, will be able to focus on new interactive media/ICT and the way they are perceived and used, primarily in novels but of course also in the "real world".

I'll probably begin there in May. Now it's time to start dealing with all the practical details. Having been given this opportunity feels amazing!


Robert Sharl said...

Congratulations Maria! But what is this "real world" of which you speak? Is it like a computer game? ;-)

Mia said...

Good to hear from you, Robert! I saw you had a good time in Hongkong.

I have a problem with labelling the different "worlds", and I'm not so sure that there are different worlds. Is what usually is seen as the real world mirrored in computer games or is it the other way around, that features of the computer game can be seen in the real world. All I can say is that the similarities are staggering sometimes... :)

So, to pull this a bit further... Can the two be divided? Are the "real world" and the computer game both constructed realities, or is the onscreen world simply a part of the real world and therefore real? These questions might seem philosophical, but someone who enters an online world with the idea that this "game" has no influence on the "real world" s/he behaves in a different way – usually less responsibly - compared to someone who sees the onscreen world as a part of what we usually label the real world.

A long one, Robert... I think I felt like testing the ideas. :)