Saturday, October 22, 2005

Space, Haunting, Discourse

Right now I spend a lot of time working with the upcoming conference Space, Haunting, Discourse, which will be held at Karlstad University in June 2006. It has been fun to see so many people from so many different countries wishing to participate. To read their conference abstracts has also been very interesting. My colleague Maria Holmgren Troy has worked so hard to structure all the accepted abstracts into 28 sessions, and right now she is in the process of welcoming 112 presenters. She also has the less satisfying task of saying "thanks, but no thanks" to session proposals and abstracts that have not been accepted.

Next week I will work a lot with the conference website. All the sessions are to be added, every abstract as well. Hard work, but it will be fun to see the structure of what we have and the different topics of the sessions. In order to fully grasp it, I really need to start working on it!

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