Monday, September 26, 2005

PowerBook Struggles

I'm really happy with my new nano, but right now I'm definitely less happy with my work computer, my PowerBook. Nine months ago I received a new 12" PowerBook at work and I loved it, but the last six weeks I have experienced problems with the computer showing a blinking icon when I try to start or restart it. They say it's the battery, but I'm not completely convinced, since it sometimes freezes also when I'm working (when I have been able to start it). Something is definitely wrong...

We have tried to take away the battery, and at first the computer seemed to work better without the battery than with it. However, this morning—when the battery was taken out—the same thing happened again, which would indicate that the problems have little to do with the battery. This worries me—and has resulted in me having to bring my private iBook to work every day. Not happy!

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Robert Sharl said...

Hmm, you're right, that doesn't sound like just a battery problem. Who says it is? Apple? If a disk check doesn't uncover problems, and reinstalling the OS doesn't fix it then I'd send it back to Apple. It could definitely be a motherboard problem.