Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My Master's Thesis Will Be Published

Funny how things turn out... I began writing my Master's thesis almost exactly two years ago and I finished it in November 2003. This morning I received an e-mail telling me that it will be published in the Women Writers' online A Zine (the Special Summer 2006 Guest Issue "Digital Eves: Transgression/Transcendence in Cyberspace").

I am truly happy that my article was accepted, and so was my colleague and former advisor Mark Troy when I told him today. (He is an outstanding teacher and advisor. Generous, supportive and encouraging. THANK YOU, Mark!) At the same time I am kind of puzzled by my rather mixed reaction, which most likely has its origin in my usual unwillingness to "revisit"—to go back to the theories, ideas and concept that were on my mind at that point in time. I realise that this is something I seldom do—forward has always been the most likely direction. ;) What I write is usually more or less coloured by what goes on in my life at the moment, and I have not read my Master's thesis since that autumn. I will probably end up wanting to rewrite everything...

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