Tuesday, September 13, 2005

iPod nano

I just read my fellow blogger Robert Sharl's overwhelmingly positive description of his new "nano noir". Since he is already known to be a passionate iPod user, it was not a surprise to learn that he had ordered his new nano the same day Steve Jobs announced the news. I want one too!!


Robert Sharl said...

Of course you want one Maria. The question is, do you want black or white? Thanks for the link, and drop me a line sometime! x

Mia said...

Good to hear from you, Robert! I'm rather keen on the white one (it works well with my two iBooks) and I think I'll order it right now, actually. :)

Robert Sharl said...

I think the white will suit you. I'm surrounded by people swooning over the nano..

I presented to my faculty's research people today about the Cybercultures conference and I'm not convinced they understood what it was about. Nonetheless Im off to Paris next Monday for the Apple Expo and a little time writing and thinking. I'd like to interview you for my podcast soon, and hook up with you in any case. I'm at sharl@mac.com if you want to speak directly.

freenanoipod said...

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