Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Language Acquisition

Immersed in theories of first and second language acquisition as I've been all day - I am preparing a lecture for tomorrow - it was kind of a relief to receive an e-mail from Owen Kelly presenting Arcada Polytechnic's Marinetta project.

They are looking for partners for a EU Leonardo project application. The project aims to further develop their virtual e-learning 3D Mediterranean island Rosario - Marinetta is one of its cities - in various ways. It seems really interesting and I hope I will be able to join in. Most likely, my role would include analyzing how Rosario can be "read" and interpreted. Unfortunately, the decision is not entirely up to me. I forwarded the e-mail to our head of department and we'll see what she says. Keeping my fingers crossed...

Since this world has its own language, Ido, this project might actually involve language acquisition as well. =)

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Bryce said...

If you're interested in more about Ido, you might want to check out the Ido wiki browser