Saturday, August 20, 2005

A Decision

In Prague some of us were asked if we would be interested in going to the "League of Worlds"-conference in Melbourne in November and I really thought it seemed interesting. I went back to Sweden wondering if it would be possible for me to go. It turned out to be quite difficult to actually go to Melbourne, and I turned the idea away. Then I was offered to make a virtual presentation instead, which actually would be possible, and suddenly I had to turn my thoughts around again. In very little time I would have to come up with a really good idea for a paper.

This was on my mind constantly Thursday and Friday and I came up with some ideas, but they all seemed to have been done before or were too time-consuming to be able to carry out in such a short amount of time. An abstract has to be handed in the day after tomorrow, a draft paper in mid September, and a full paper at the beginning of October. At the same time two of the courses I'm teaching start in a little more than a week. I guess I've decided that I can't do this. Not happy.

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