Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Course Introduction

Today we met the new teacher trainees (the "LUS" class) for the first time. The whole class, more than 90 people, are divided into three groups, and I share the third group with a colleague, Monica.

So... after lunch today (a lunch I never had time to eat, by the way) Monica and I stood there with 30 new faces in front of us. Two hours later we all knew each others names by heart—I hope I'll remember—and a little about each other. Two Davids, one Vanda, two Marias, one Nils Petter, two Maries, two Annas, two Daniels, one Per, two Sophias, one Angelika, one Jakob... I'll probably have large problems remembering who is who of the Davids and Daniels—or the Maries and Marias...


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