Monday, August 15, 2005

The conference in Prague... over and I'm back at work. Many interesting people presented thoughtprovoking papers initiating lively discussions over lunches and dinners. (Curiously enough many of the lunches and dinners offered the choice between pork, ham, chicken and cheese, or a combination of them all. Typically Czech?) I was really happy to meet a number of colleagues who addressed Cyberspace from a postcolonial or postmodern viewpoint, meetings that generated many new ideas.

Prague was really beautiful - as usual - and I especially enjoyed walking around in the old town and by the river at six or seven in the morning. It was definitely more peaceful and less crowded than later in the day. In all it has been four really interesting and productive days, even though I'm not really sure that I've really "landed" yet. Too many thoughts spinning around in my head...

PS. Yesterday, we had ham and cheese for lunch on my flight back to Stockholm. Hmm, I think I'll avoid the combination for awhile.

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