Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Somewhat Ironic Use of ICT

In the last few years the number of plagiarism cases have increased dramatically at the English department. In most cases, the students "borrow" material from the Internet, which can be regarded as a somewhat negative side effect of the technology - an unwelcome "use" of ICT in a learning environment. Is it possible to turn this into something more positive?

We have seen that it, to a certain extent, is possible to take advantage of what is offered on the Internet in undergraduate learning situations. It certainly provides opportunities to teach students the proper way to handle sources. We do want the students to see different points of view, and the extensive material that can be found on the Internet makes that possible, while simultaneously providing opportunities for students to develop a critical and analytical eye.

Many teachers tend to focus on the negative side of ICT, but I think it's both more rewarding and interesting to see what it is possible to gain from "new" media in the context of university teaching.

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