Friday, May 27, 2005

On Plagiarism - Again...

Another busy week has gone by, and unfortunately it does not seem to be over yet. For two days two of my colleagues and I have dedicated most of our time to writing a paper on how different departments at Karlstad University view and deal with plagiarism. On Wednesday we are going to have a seminar on the results of our survey, and the deadline for our paper is on Sunday, which means the we most likely will work hard tomorrow and on Sunday as well.

Our little survey has clearly indicated how important well-defined rules and regulations are for both teachers and students, since this would ensure that all students are treated in the same way when suspected of plagiarism. In order to deal with this in a more effective and less emotional and time-consuming way, teachers also need to know and discuss this before something actually happens.

Currently, there is a lot of confusion since virtually all departments treat this in slightly different ways. Some see this as a really big problem and act accordingly, whereas other departments claim that no cases of plagiarism whatsoever have been found (and that plagiarism therefore does not exist there). Be as it may, the departments that do acknowledge this, have begun to alter for instance their course structures, teaching and forms of examination in attempts to ensure that plagiarism is impossible or at least considered something to be avoided. By this time, these problems are also being addressed by the university on a central level.

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