Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Blogs and Podcasting and Other Things...

A very interesting week has gone by. Last Wednesday I went to Umeå and a symposium - "Från vision till praktik" - on ICT and its advantages from a learning perspective, and on Saturday I went to Copenhagen with a friend of mine, where we talked a lot about these issues.

As you can see this has resulted in my very own work blog, which I hope I will have time to keep updated on a regular basis. Another visible result - or perhaps aural, really - is the podcast I'm listening to right now while working.

Right now my main focus is on plagiarism and how to encourage my students to avoid this temptation. Two of my colleagues and I have conducted a small survey where 32 directors of studies at the university have answered questions about, on the one hand, how they define plagiarism, and, on the other hand, how they handle these issues should they arise. So far we have seen that these issues are handled in various ways, which indeed is somewhat alarming.

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